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Grow Your Own with Organic & Heirloom Seeds

In a world where cross breeding and modification are making produce all look and taste the same, organic and heirloom seeds stand out by offering the best nature created. Rancho Arco Iris in Dixon, New Mexico, is offering our organic seeds for sale, allowing you to grow the most flavorful and unique produce that nature has to offer.

Garlic Clove

Hand-Chosen Seeds

Our seeds are available with OSSI, which prevents seeds from being patented and protects you from lawsuits when you grow them. We harvest and cure seeds from our own organic plants, ensuring you get the best of our crops to grow on your own. Currently, we have garlic and tomato from select varieties grown on-site. As we expand, you'll be the first to hear about what we have to offer, and we'd love to hear your suggestions.

Choosing our seeds is advantageous because our crops are well adapted for the local area, and they're perfect for growing in Mexico and Colorado. They're perfect in dry, western weather, but will grow just about anywhere.

Always Up-to-Date

Our staff attends seed conferences regularly. This ensures we always have the latest information about our industry and about the latest advancements in farming.