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The Freshest Food from an Organic Produce Farm

Fruits and Vegetables

Choose us and enjoy the finest fruits and vegetables nature has to offer. We grow and sell only the finest organically grown produce.

Fruits & Vegetables

Skip the middleman and grow your own! We offer a selection of high-quality organic seeds for garlic, tomatoes, and more. 

Organic Seeds

Learn more about nature's bounty and how we work to preserve the natural goodness of fruits and veggies.
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About Us

Rancho Arco Iris is an organic farm in Dixon, New Mexico where you can find the finest organic produce, including both fruits and vegetables, as well as a selection of seeds. We specialize in a special chili pepper known as the Landrace pepper. This is a dried pepper grown only in certain areas, and we also grow flavorful garlic. For more than 20 years, our small, family-owned, and certified organic farm has avoided pesticides and used only fertilizers consisting of composted manure. Our water comes from the Sangre de Christo Mountains in the Southern Part of the Rockies. These come together and flow into the Embundo River and funnel water into several streams and then into eight acequias, or community-operated watercourses. Our farm is located on two of them. This water provides the hydration and nutrients our plants need to grow and thrive.

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